How to Stage Your Home with Pets

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Here at Morrison Home Team of @Properties, we know you love your pets and we understand that they are another member of your family. But we also know that there are some people who don’t always understand that: Potential buyers. Therefore, we recommend hiding evidence of your pets while your home is on the market. To help make this task seem less overwhelming, we have made this list to help streamline the process and make sure everything is show ready when the time comes to sell your home. We have also provided cute pictures of puppies and kittens to make it more enjoyable.

Get rid of any stains or damages from pets

First impressions are important, which is why eliminating stains and repairing damages is the first step. Stains, especially carpet stains from puppy accidents, can lead to odors, which can deter potential buyers from wanting your home. On top of that, damages to furniture or baseboards (from puppy teeth) can make it look as though the house isn’t cared for. Feel free to ask your MHT agent for a reliable carpet cleaner or contractor to get these tasks checked off.

Clean, clean, clean!

This is obviously vital to making sure your home is show ready whether or not you have pets, but a few extra steps should be taken if you do. We recommend vacuuming the floors and furniture every day to make sure there is minimal evidence of shedding. If you dedicate just 15 minutes daily, then you will always be ready for a last-minute showing! Another area to check often: air vents. Pet hair can get trapped and built up in there, which makes it a great spot to clean them out whenever possible. Finally, if you have an adventurous cat, it would be worth it to dust of shelves frequently.

Tidy up after your pet

Since we can’t tell our dogs and cats to put away their toys, we recommend finding a hiding spot for them during showing times. This will also help your home to generally look less cluttered. A basket next to a crate or hidden in the laundry room is the perfect place to get these toys out of sight and mind.

Be a Super Pooper Scooper

Pick a day, perhaps twice a week, where you venture into the backyard and clean up after your pup. Nothing ruins a day, or the opinion of a home, than if potential buyers decide to walk through your backyard and step in a sizable…present…left just for them!

Air out the house

Sometimes you get used to the scent of having a pet around, but that is the first thing that will hit potential buyers when they walk through your door: the smell. Since we’ve already agreed that positive first impressions are necessary for a positive experience, why not make it a neutral or enjoyable smell? Open up the windows to bring in some fresh air, invest in odor neutralizers, and even bake some fresh cookies if you know that you have a showing later! Taking these measures will ensure that potential buyers have a positive experiences when viewing your home.

Finally: remove the pets for the showing

When the time comes to show the house, do everything in your power to get your pets out of the house. This will eliminate the possibility of a dog barking throughout the showing. Or even worse: if someone is allergic to dog or cat dander, this will eliminate the risk of them breaking out into an allergic reaction! Hopefully this will provide some bonding time with you and your pets while you’re out with them!

We hope this checklist will help eliminate some overwhelming feelings about making sure everything is perfect with a pet while your home is on the market. If you or anyone you know is currently experiencing this, please share this post with them!


MHT’s Holiday To-Do List

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While the weather outside might be frightful…it’s still the most wonderful time of the year! ‘Tis the season for ice skating, hot chocolate, bright lights, and spending time with friends and family! We love all of the excitement that the holidays bring, so we are sharing some of our favorite things to do this time of the year:



Our favorite thing to do as a family is go downtown to Michigan Avenue to see the Christmas Tree and the lights. My daughters are always mesmerized by all of the lights and I love the memory that they will have of all of us seeing it together as a family. They also love walking past the window displays at Macy’s on State Street and going inside to see the Christmas tree in the Walnut Room.


Ok I have two things. The first is going to Chessie’s Restaurant in Barrington for dinner during the holidays—the decorations are incredible in the bar area! It really puts me in the holiday spirit. The second is driving to 8 Wescott Drive in South Barrington, and parking out front to watch their Christmas light show! This family decorates their home with over 85,000 lights every other year (it’s on this year!) and puts on a 15-minute show synced up to music. It is so much fun to dress in pajamas, make some hot chocolate, and go watch from the warmth of the car. Just make sure to tell the guard at the gate that you are coming to see the Kazmier Family, you don’t want to miss this!


We head into the city too! It’s most magical when we are window shopping on Michigan Ave or State Street and the snow starts lightly falling. When we get tired of the cold, we head over to Fado for an Irish Coffee to warm ourselves up again!


My family and I always make it a point to grab dinner in the basement at Kelsey Road House during the holiday season. They go to such great lengths for their incredible festive décor, it is crazy!

Other Fun Holiday Activities:

Winter Wonderfest:

Until January 6 at Navy Pier. Festivities include: indoor ice skating, rides, giant slides, holiday decor, climbing walls, mini golf, and cookie decorating! This is a ticketed festival, but you can buy them online for $20!


Until December 24 in Daley Plaza. Shop handcrafted goods, enjoy traditional German food, and don’t forget you mug of spiced wine!

Lincoln Park Zoo Lights:

Until January 6 at Lincoln Park Zoo. Watch the zoo transform into a winter wonderland with thousands of lights and displays, and even a light show set to music!

Ice Skating in Chicago:

Skate at Millennium Park, Maggie Daley Park, and Wrigley Field (also known as Gallagher Way).

Long Grove Vintage Holidays:

Saturdays and Sundays until December 22 in Downtown Long Grove. Festivities include: Horse-drawn carriage rides, carolers, Mr. and Mrs. Claus visits.

We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!

-The Morrison Home Team

Happy Holidays, Happy House Hunting!

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Happy Snow Day! Today we are bundled up here at Morrison Home Team and bringing you a blog post about ways to adjust your home buying and selling techniques for the chilly season ahead.

Winter Tips for Sellers:


All is Clear, All is Bright

No one is looking for an adventure when they are walking up to your front door, so make sure it isn’t a treacherous path. Be sure to clear walkways and driveways so there is no risk of slipping, and consider laying down salt to keep the snow and ice melted. Also, lighting up the outside of the house is a brilliant way to make people feel welcome, and to help people see walkways at all hours, since the nights are longer now.

Who says you can’t have lights inside too? These add so much to this already warm basement space at our listing on 2 Far Hills Road in Barrington Hills!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

…But it doesn’t have to be inside! Keep the thermostat set to a warm temperature to make it a lovely oasis for everyone walking into your home from the freezing outdoors.

Deck the Halls!

Whether or not you decorate for the holidays, it is always a great idea to add extra cozy elements in your home. A chunky knit throw on a couch, or a fluffy comforter on the bed give the illusion of a warm and intimate space that will draw people in. Throw a few logs in the fireplace (even if they aren’t burning) and turn on some flameless candles to add to the cozy winter ambiance. If you’re really feeling the holiday spirit, bake some chocolate chip cookies for buyers to enjoy while they tour! Your home will smell wonderful, and they will definitely appreciate the fresh baked goods.

We love the coziness emitted from this stone fireplace in the living room at our listing at 716 Bark Court in Lake Barrington! The wooden beams on the vaulted ceilings also give the home a rustic feel.

Winter Tips for Buyers:


Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful

Indeed it is! Be respectful to the owners of the properties you are visiting and remove or cover your shoes upon entering. With all of the snow, mud, and wet weather we see yearly, this is an appreciated action!

Do You See What I See?

To be honest, sometimes snow is magical and stunning, but other times its dirty, drab, and gray. When you’re searching for a house this season, keep in mind that most homes might not all be in the best shape to show off their curb appeal in the middle of the winter. This is when using your imagination will come in handy. What would this home look like in the middle of spring when the grass is green and the flowers are blossoming? Or, even better, how could you make this home cozy and welcoming in the winter, if you decide to buy it? We believe in seeing past the flaws and keeping your mind open to find the best option for you.

We are happy to say that our listing at 25143 N Cayuga Trail in Lake Barrington shows off it’s beauty very well in the winter!

Help to Make the Season Bright

It is important to remember that winter weather can be quite unpredictable and sometimes problems with that can arise. Be willing to be more flexible over this season than others when it comes to house hunting. Maybe the weather will prevent you from seeing a home so you have to reschedule a showing, or a heavy snow has led to a power outage so the home owner is forced to reschedule. Keeping a calm and understanding demeanor when these situations happen will save your sanity and make the process less frustrating!

We wish you all a happy holiday season, and happy house hunting as well! If you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell a house, get in touch with John Morrison and the Morrison Home Team today!

MHT Favorites: Books We Love

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With the weather turning cooler, here are Morrison Home Team, we like taking some time to ourselves to cozy up with a good book after a day of work. Looking for a few recommendations? Here are our favorites:

John: Walter the Farting Dog by William Kotzwinkle, Glenn Murray, and Audrey Colman

Photo courtesy of:

Now this might not be the beach read you are looking for, but the story behind this book makes it a favorite for sure:

As you may be able to tell by now, if I am not working, I am spending time with my 6 and 3 year old daughters. I had agreed to surprise my oldest daughter’s class and be the “Secret Reader” one day and that morning I realized I hadn’t picked out a book to read. Luckily, my wife, Priscilla, came to the rescue and said she had already put a book in the car for me. I didn’t realize it was Walter the Farting Dog until I had arrived at the school…

 Needless to say, the class was rolling on the floor, the teacher was a bit perturbed, and I was about 10 shades of red. The girls ask us to read this to them all the time before bed now, and it always has us all cracking up.”

Liz: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Photo courtesy of:

“I love this book! My daughter, Claire, recommended it and it has been a story that has stuck with me ever since. It’s the true story about a young man who ran in the 1936 Olympics, even met Adolf Hitler, and then joined the U.S. Airforce in WWII. His plane was shot down at sea, and he floated on a life raft for 47 days until he was rescued…by Japanese forces and was kept as a Prisoner of War for 3 years. It is the most unbelievable story of survival, courage, and strength. My favorite line from the book is “Sometimes a moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.” Everyone should read this story!

Lisa: The Devil in the White City by Erik Larsen

Photo courtesy of:

“This non-fiction novel is a fascinating read for someone who lives in Chicago! It spans the years surrounding the building of the famous White City for the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, and follows the true story of a malicious doctor who murdered hundreds of women in the midst of all of the festivities. Mystery, magic, and murder…you can’t get much more intriguing than that!

Crystal: The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

Photo courtesy of:

“This story is told from the fascinating perspective of Ernest Hemingway’s wife, set in Paris during the roaring 1920’s. Everyone has heard of Ernest Hemingway and we are familiar with his work, but the life of his wife will have you consistently turning the page. I decided that if I could live in another time period, I would choose 1920’s Paris after reading this book!

Are you looking for a new house to read your favorite book in? Contact John Morrison at the Morrison Home Team at 847.409.0297.


MHT’s Show-Ready Check List

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Here at Morrison Home Team, we know that it is hard to live in a home while you are trying to sell it. Constantly tidying up, leaving the house at a moment’s notice, and trying to impress people who you don’t know is exhausting! Here is our list of tasks to help you out when it comes to getting your house show-ready for any type of buyer:

Make it Less Personal

This neutral space in our listing at 1 Jane Lane is so relaxing and welcoming to anyone.

Do your best to make the home as impersonal as possible. Family photos, artwork on the refrigerator, even framed pictures on the desk. All of this can distract buyers and could keep them from being able to picture themselves in your home. Along with depersonalizing, it is also wise to neutralize aspects of your home. For example, any shocking wall color or busy wall paper might intimidate potential buyers if they think they will need to repaint the entire home because it doesn’t match their décor. Creating a neutral environment will help welcome all sorts of potential buyers.

Make it Squeaky Clean

We love the simple, clean, elegance in this bathroom at our listing at 241 Biltmore Drive in North Barrington.

This might be the cheapest way to stage your home: getting your hands dirty to make sure everything is clean! Dust those shelves, vacuum all that pet hair, bleach that bathtub, is it time to have those carpets cleaned? If you work hard to make your space as bright and shiny as possible, it will pay off! Decluttering also falls under this category. Take some time to box up and store items that are just taking up space in closets and other hidden spots throughout the house. The effect will make the storage spaces seem larger without so many things stuffed in there. Decluttering also goes for surfaces: only keep the necessities. For example, in your bathrooms, keep soap and maybe a hand towel out on the counter by the sink. Put away anything else such as toothpaste, toothbrush holders, makeup, etc. Making everything less “busy” will make the space more calming to those walking through.

Make it Fresh

This updated kitchen at our listing at 239 W Russell Street is absolutely stunning!

Is your wall color looking a bit bland? Or maybe you have some cracked tile in the bathroom? Sometimes tackling projects like these can breathe fresh air into an otherwise tired home. Even something as small as purchasing new pillows for the couch or bedding for the beds can make the space look more updated. Think about what buyers are currently looking for, what colors are popular right now, what decorating styles? This will not only catch a buyer’s eye, but hopefully attract them enough to make an offer.

Make it Bright

We love this sunroom at 23630 Glenbarr Lane!The numerous, large windows, light furniture, and light walls effectively bounce more natural light throughout the home.

Looking for another easy way to stage your space? Just add light! That can be a lamp or light fixture, or simply opening up the blinds and window treatments all the way. Another trick we tell our clients is to add a mirror to a small space to bounce light across the room and to make it feel larger. Having lighter colored furniture can also trick the eye into making a space look larger by enhancing the effects from the lighting.

Make it Noticeable

Just look at the pops of color out on the patio of our listing at 14 Longmeadow Drive! We love how bright and happy this space looks. Definitely draws our eye!

Create focal points in every room that draw the eye towards spots you want to be noticed. Would you like buyers to notice your beautiful brick fireplace? Place some bright flowers on the mantel to draw the eye there. Or, hold attention in the relaxing master bedroom by adding a headboard to the bed. This maximizes space and adds a more luxurious feel to the room. Want to show off your beautiful patio or deck? Add some brightly colored pillows to the outdoor furniture and disperse a few potted plants! These tricks will show off the best features in your home without taking the focus off the other positive aspects!

Are you thinking about listing your home? Contact John Morrison of the Morrison Home Team at 847.409.0297 with any questions about beginning this process.

The Danger Of Buying A Home Without First Getting An Inspection

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Some purchases can be over-deliberated. We can waste valuable time weighing the pros and cons, consulting with others, and needlessly researching. While this may be true for purchases made in the grocery store or on Amazon, this is not the case when buying a home. Specifically, when putting an offer on a home, there are some steps that should not be rushed, like neglecting to have the prospective home inspected.

In today’s competitive housing market, home buyers want to do all they can to make their offer seem as attractive as possible. Some will even go as far as skipping the inspection — this is especially true for those who view a property, form an emotional attachment, and feel like they can’t go on without being able to call the place “home.” If you are considering doing this, we’re here to advise you against that. Below are some reasons why not to waive your inspection.

Not All Problems Are Visible

Imagine this: you’ve found the one. You’re sure of it. Your real estate agent just gave you the tour, and as you’re leaving the property and another couple is walking in to view “your home,” you feel the pressure and the window closing. You turn to your partner and say, “We have to have this house!” So you call the next day and put in an offer, skipping the home inspection.

Here’s the problem with this. Fast forward six months. You got the home! But it turns out that your dream home is having some heating issues. You didn’t notice it when you bought during the summer. But now that fall has arrived and winter is creeping in, it’s clear that something is wrong. You call your local HVAC contractor, and he tells you that unfortunately, the situation is about as bad as it can get. But he tries to offer some assurance by telling you that for a whopping $20,000, it can be replaced and fixed before winter arrives. Uh oh. This is something that could’ve easily been found by a licensed home inspector. 

Here are some alternative solutions to avoid this problem:

Pre-sale Inspection

If you are sold on a home, have it inspected before signing a contract. The worst case scenario is that you pay for this inspection, find out more than you need to know, and don’t end up purchasing the home. While you might lose a few hundred dollars, you’re much better off than buying a house with hidden, costly problems. If the home passes the inspection, you can then waive the inspection contingency.

Seller Inspection

Oftentimes before listing the home for sale, the seller will have the home inspected. This is done for the purpose of ironing out any potential problems in advance or to give buyers a direct and transparent listing. This type of inspection allows the seller to avoid future negotiations. The one downside to this, however, is that in most cases, the inspector is only liable to the party who requested the inspection, not the new owners.

Buying a new home is exciting. Don’t let this excitement cloud your judgment and skip your home inspection. If you want help finding your dream home, contact the experienced real estate agents at Morrison Home Team. Whether you are buying or selling a home, our team of Barrington real estate agents leverages their years of insight to offer invaluable guidance throughout the entire process. View our real estate listings here, check out our extensive guide to home buying, and contact us today with any questions — 847-448-1676.

MHT’s Favorites: Local Haunts to Visit Before Halloween

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Spooky season is upon us, and here at MHT, we love a good fall festival and even a little scare every now and then. Here are our picks for some great festivals, haunted houses, and other Halloween activities to do in the Northwest Suburbs and in Chicago!

Family Friendly Fall Festivals

Barrington: Scarecrow Festival 2018

Saturday, October 13: 11:00am-2:00pm

Held at Memorial Park in the Village every year, this is a great free festival for some family fun over the weekend! Expect pumpkin decorating, cookie decorating (yum!), scarecrow building, pony rides, face painting, and food!

Long Grove: DIY Scarecrow Day

Saturday, October 13: 11:00am-4:00pm

Located next to the Country House (430 Robert Parker Coffin Road), this festival is all about making your own scarecrow. Bring your own tools, scarecrow accessories, and builders and you will be able to make your own masterpiece! After they are built, the scarecrows get displayed around the village until the end of the month!

Chicago: Jack’s Pumpkin Pop-Up

Goose Island, Chicago

Here is a great opportunity throughout the month of October for families and couples in the city to experience some fall fun! This event hosts Chicago’s largest corn maze (with a bar in the middle of the maze), carnival rides for the family, and food and entertainment! Check out the schedule online and buy your tickets for the new coolest Halloween event in Chicago!

Top Haunted Houses in the Chicagoland Area

While this isn’t exactly our cup of tea, we thought to include it to get everyone into the scary Halloween spirit!

Basement of the Dead


This is ranked as one of the top haunted houses in Illinois. Also know for it’s very real looking/acting killer clowns, bloody nuns (who doesn’t love a good bloody nun), and claustrophobic halls (yes please sign me up). And if you get through all of the rooms? You can play some carnival games!

HellsGate Haunted House


This house is so secret that you have to park in the Metra parking lot and get shuttled to the location of this haunted house. Then you get 45 minutes to get through the multi-level mansion and if you find the skeleton key during your scream session, you will get your ticket for free!

Best Chicago Urban Legends:

For some reason these all seem to be about young girls who died and haunt everything…but here are a few of the city’s top Urban legends.

The Italian Bride

Mt. Carmel Cemetery is best known for being the resting place of many gangsters, including a one Al Capone, one of the most famous residents in Julia Petta, also known as the Italian Bride. Legend has it that this poor girl died in childbirth, but for years after her death, her mother would have dreams of Julia telling her she was still alive and needed help getting out of her grave. Six years after she died, her family exhumed her grave and found her body still perfectly in tact as it had been when she was alive. Many visitors to the cemetery have reported seeing a ghostly white women near Julia’s grave.

Resurrection Mary

One of the more famous ghost stories, Mary, who loved to dance, was killed in a car accident while walking home from a dance hall in 1934. But that doesn’t stop her from continuing to go out in the city. She has been said to still go to the dance halls (maybe the night clubs now, but she would look out of place in her 1930’s attire) and dance with a young man all night. Then when she asks him for a ride home, she says she lives at Resurrection Cemetery because her dad is the care taker. When he drops her off there, she disappears before his eyes. Can you image that poor uber driver nowadays? Give that guy 5 stars.

We hoped you enjoyed our Halloween edition of this blog post! And we also hope you weren’t too spooked out to stay for more!

If you know of anyone looking to buy or sell in the area, please pass this post on to them along with our referral!




How to Make a Strong First Impression with Curb Appeal

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You have recently listed your home, congratulations! Now you are tasked with the daunting project of keeping your space show ready at all times so that perfect buyer can see it at a moment’s notice. When it comes to making an impression, here at Morrison Home Team, we believe that curb appeal should be a priority. Think of it as the hook, drawing potential buyers in to see more of your house. With the exception of Chip and Joanna Gaines, buyers want a pretty house. We are here to help you make that first impression last with a few tips on how to boost your curb appeal!

Shutter Up!

These photos right here is a great example of what a difference adding shutters can make to your home! This listing at 239 W Russell in Barrington looks naked without them! If you have been going back and forth about if they are worth it or not, we highly recommend them! Shutters do wonders for the outside of your house.

Freshen Up

Is your façade looking tired or dirty? How about a fresh paint job? This is a great excuse to check out the current housing trends and see which colors buyers are drawn to the most. By changing the color, it could breathe new life into a home, and make it noticeable!

Paint the Front Door

If you don’t want to take on a paint job on the entire house, why not just freshen up the front door? There was actually a study done by Zillow earlier this year that showed homes with black front doors sell faster. Now if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is!

Here is a lovely example of a black painted front door at 636 Lill Street in Barrington! The contrast against the yellow is just perfect.

Upgrade the Landscaping

Whether you replant your garden, or add some extra color, it’s up to you. It has actually been proving that gardening is a great way to calm your mind and connect with nature. Since selling a home can be a daunting process, what a better way to calm your mind and make your home look more beautiful!

Now we don’t expect you to go as over the top as these incredible gardens as 14 Longmeadow in Barrington Hills, but talk about curb appeal, right?!

Small but Noticeable Changes:

Sometimes, you don’t need a big change, but rather some small details that could add to your curb appeal. Here are a few of our ideas for some economical and easy updates:

  • Add a welcome mat to the front porch
  • Add potted plants around the door
  • Flowers around the mailbox, this is the first part of the house that is seen!
  • A front porch bench to make the space look warm and welcoming
  • Hang a seasonal wreath on the front door to add some color!

We hope these tips helped!

Are you currently looking to buy a house or sell your house? Contact John Morrison and the Morrison Home Team at 847.409.0927

Get to Know MHT: Our Favorite Restaurants

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Here at Morrison Home Team, we consider ourselves to be experts in the Northwest Suburbs. Whether that means experts in the housing market, buying and selling locations, or the food scene, we know our stuff.

Our clients often ask us for recommendations if they are looking for a place to eat so we have compiled a list of our favorite restaurants in the Northwest Suburbs, and what to order below. Bon appétit!

John’s Favorites: My wife and I love Italian food and fresh sushi, so those are our go-to options in the area.

Agio: Located in Palatine, this Italian spot has an intimate feel as if you were in a little hole in the wall in Italy! John recommends the baked clams as an appetizer!

DiBenedetto Trattoria: Another Italian choice, this one in Hoffman Estates. John recommends the stuffed artichoke, but you can’t go wrong with the chicken parmesan or pasta alla vodka!

Bistro Wasabi: A sushi restaurant in Hoffman Estates where you can either choose a table, or sit and watch your sushi rolls be prepared by the masters at the sushi bar. Apart from the sushi, John recommends the Maguri Salad with chips, it’s his favorite!

Look at how delicious that all looks! Photo from: Trip Advisor.

Liz’s Favorites: I am Italian, so when I find an Italian restaurant that has food that tastes as good as my own, then it becomes my favorite!

 Spunky Dunkers: This awesome donut stop is perfect to fulfill your sweet tooth, or bring a lot of joy to your coworkers! These donuts are handmade all day, and did we mention they are open 24 hours? Don’t miss the red velvet donut…it’s one of our favorites! There are locations in Palatine and Arlington Heights.

We can almost smell the scent of fresh, sweet dough in this photo. Photo from: Thrillist

Asahi: Sushi sushi sushi! This awesome, casual spot is perfect at delivering fresh, handmade rolls quickly with friendly service and delicious dessert as well! Try the Sexy Roll and the Sato Roll, you can thank us later!

Francesca’s Famiglia: A classic Barrington Italian establishment, and for good reason! The simple, delicious dishes, lengthy wine list, happy staff, and the perfect place to throw a party! We love the Linguine Fagatarro in the warmer months and the Pollo alla Romana in the chillier months!

This is definite food porn at Francescas…Photo from: Unveil Events

Ciao Baby: And now for a more modern take on Italian in Barrington! We love Ciao Baby for an easy, but delicious, lunch stop! Try the “Mini Me” which is their famous dipped Italian beef, just a smaller portion! And don’t forget the French fries!

Lisa’s Favorite: I prefer the freshest ingredients when I go out to eat, and Mexican food usually hits the spot!

Bien Trucha: craving Mexican food? This Geneva joint is the perfect place! Lisa says that her favorites include homemade guacamole and shrimp tacos, all made from scratch with fresh ingredients! Pair it with a margarita and it’s even better!

This margarita is the perfect compliment to these adorable tacos! Photo from:  Chicago Tribune

Crystal’s Favorite: When I eat here, I feel like I have been transported to Spain!

Tapas Calpé: Looking for small plates and a killer wine list? Look no further than this Spanish tapas place in Cary! Crystal recommends the smoked salmon or white fish and a charcuterie board. If you’re looking for more classic Spanish dishes, try some patatas bravas (spicy potatoes), jamón ibérico (Iberico ham), and some gambas de ajo (shrimp in oil).


Now…we are officially hungry. Photo from: Tripadvisor

Hopefully these recommendations satisfy your taste buds!

Are you looking to buy or sell your house in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs? Contact John at the Morrison Home Team at 847.409.0297.

Why to Buy and Sell Your House in the Fall

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When it comes to the housing market, the general consensus is to buy or sell in the Spring and Summer, since that is the busiest time for real estate. While it’s true that the warmer months tend to see more action, that doesn’t mean that you should omit fall and winter completely! Why not continue your buying and selling process when the rush has died down and you are able to take your time and make the best decision for you and your family?

John and the Morrison Home Team, believe that Fall and Winter are the best, secret times to buy or sell. We broke down the reasons for both buyers and sellers below:


Fewer people searching for houses

Like we mentioned, spring and summer are the busy, busy times in the real estate world. But in the fall? We tend to see a fewer number of buyers actively searching. This trend continues through the winter, until the cycle picks back up again in the spring (by the way, our Spring Market starts the first week of February). So why not use this to your advantage? With fewer buyers, John and your Morrison Home Team broker can devote more time to you and your needs. The other perk? There is a lower chance of someone going up against you in a bidding war on your dream home!

This incredible home at 63 Brinker Road looks even more incredible in the fall foliage!

Sellers are serious

This is a huge plus when it comes to fall purchasing. With a smaller number of houses on the market, more often than not, it means that these sellers aren’t experimenting or “just trying to see what they can get” for their house. They are truly looking to sell, which will make the negotiation and closing process so much easier, since both parties are 100% interested in closing the deal! And if coffee is for closers, then we want that coffee!


Competition leaves the market

Since Spring and Summer are such hot months to have your home on the market (literally and figuratively), we tend to see a lot of the remaining homes leave the market for the colder months. Therefore, there is less competition when buyers are searching for their dream home. Now is the time for your house to stand out from the crowd and for sellers to have more of a chance to achieve the sale that you have been looking for!

This village listing at 200 W Russell Street is a great spot to jump on as the leaves change!

Buyers are serious

Much like the fact that you, as a seller, are more serious, buyers are as well! They aren’t just “shopping around” to see what they can find. If they are out and about, trudging through chilly rain, snow, and freezing temperatures, they are serious about buying! Use this to your advantage to negotiate a deal that will satisfy both parties and you will be very glad you kept your home on the market during this time!

Are you thinking about starting your home buying process this fall? Contact John Morrison or another Morrison Home Team broker to get started!

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