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Inspirational Kitchens

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Kitchens: the heart of the home, the gathering place, where some of the best memories are made. Or maybe, here at MHT, we just love to cook and eat! So today we are showing off just a small sample of the incredible kitchens featured in our listings. Want to see more than the kitchen in these lovely homes? Let us know! We would be happy to show you around.

Between the brick fire place, beam ceilings, statement hood, painted cabinets, and exterior access…we simply can’t pick our favorite part of this kitchen at 2 Far Hills Road in Barrington Hills! Contact John Morrison.


Light and bright in every which way. We love how the stunning tile back splash coordinates with the quartz countertop island. Not to mention everything in this kitchen (and home!) is completely brand new…Contact Liz Sincox to see this home at 200 W Station Street in Barrington.


Looking for inspiration for something more unique? These copper countertops at our listing on 570 Aberdeen Road in Inverness are just the thing! Not to mention the light butterscotch color of the cabinets and stone tile floors…just the things to make you feel warm and cozy upon entering. Contact John Morrison.


And we can’t be writing about kitchen envy and leave out this incredible space at John’s listing on 21923 N Old Barrington Road in North Barrington. We can’t get over the oversized island, massive butler’s pantry (which you can see on the left side), or the coffered ceilings…this one you have to see in person.


A modern take on a classic, English Tudor at Liz’s listing 61 Brinker Road in Barrington Hills. Two islands, high end appliances, and an open concept into the Hearth Room…this kitchen (and home!) is a dream!


A study in a classically beautiful kitchen: 308 S Cook Street in Barrington. You’ll find us oohing and ahhing over the contrasting cabinets and counter tops as well as the perfectly flowing floorplan throughout the home…Contact John Morrison.

If you love these kitchens online, then you will REALLY love these kitchens in person! Contact your Morrison Home Team agent to tour the whole house.

MHT’s Show-Ready Check List

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Here at Morrison Home Team, we know that it is hard to live in a home while you are trying to sell it. Constantly tidying up, leaving the house at a moment’s notice, and trying to impress people who you don’t know is exhausting! Here is our list of tasks to help you out when it comes to getting your house show-ready for any type of buyer:

Make it Less Personal

This neutral space in our listing at 1 Jane Lane is so relaxing and welcoming to anyone.

Do your best to make the home as impersonal as possible. Family photos, artwork on the refrigerator, even framed pictures on the desk. All of this can distract buyers and could keep them from being able to picture themselves in your home. Along with depersonalizing, it is also wise to neutralize aspects of your home. For example, any shocking wall color or busy wall paper might intimidate potential buyers if they think they will need to repaint the entire home because it doesn’t match their décor. Creating a neutral environment will help welcome all sorts of potential buyers.

Make it Squeaky Clean

We love the simple, clean, elegance in this bathroom at our listing at 241 Biltmore Drive in North Barrington.

This might be the cheapest way to stage your home: getting your hands dirty to make sure everything is clean! Dust those shelves, vacuum all that pet hair, bleach that bathtub, is it time to have those carpets cleaned? If you work hard to make your space as bright and shiny as possible, it will pay off! Decluttering also falls under this category. Take some time to box up and store items that are just taking up space in closets and other hidden spots throughout the house. The effect will make the storage spaces seem larger without so many things stuffed in there. Decluttering also goes for surfaces: only keep the necessities. For example, in your bathrooms, keep soap and maybe a hand towel out on the counter by the sink. Put away anything else such as toothpaste, toothbrush holders, makeup, etc. Making everything less “busy” will make the space more calming to those walking through.

Make it Fresh

This updated kitchen at our listing at 239 W Russell Street is absolutely stunning!

Is your wall color looking a bit bland? Or maybe you have some cracked tile in the bathroom? Sometimes tackling projects like these can breathe fresh air into an otherwise tired home. Even something as small as purchasing new pillows for the couch or bedding for the beds can make the space look more updated. Think about what buyers are currently looking for, what colors are popular right now, what decorating styles? This will not only catch a buyer’s eye, but hopefully attract them enough to make an offer.

Make it Bright

We love this sunroom at 23630 Glenbarr Lane!The numerous, large windows, light furniture, and light walls effectively bounce more natural light throughout the home.

Looking for another easy way to stage your space? Just add light! That can be a lamp or light fixture, or simply opening up the blinds and window treatments all the way. Another trick we tell our clients is to add a mirror to a small space to bounce light across the room and to make it feel larger. Having lighter colored furniture can also trick the eye into making a space look larger by enhancing the effects from the lighting.

Make it Noticeable

Just look at the pops of color out on the patio of our listing at 14 Longmeadow Drive! We love how bright and happy this space looks. Definitely draws our eye!

Create focal points in every room that draw the eye towards spots you want to be noticed. Would you like buyers to notice your beautiful brick fireplace? Place some bright flowers on the mantel to draw the eye there. Or, hold attention in the relaxing master bedroom by adding a headboard to the bed. This maximizes space and adds a more luxurious feel to the room. Want to show off your beautiful patio or deck? Add some brightly colored pillows to the outdoor furniture and disperse a few potted plants! These tricks will show off the best features in your home without taking the focus off the other positive aspects!

Are you thinking about listing your home? Contact John Morrison of the Morrison Home Team at 847.409.0297 with any questions about beginning this process.

How to Make a Strong First Impression with Curb Appeal

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You have recently listed your home, congratulations! Now you are tasked with the daunting project of keeping your space show ready at all times so that perfect buyer can see it at a moment’s notice. When it comes to making an impression, here at Morrison Home Team, we believe that curb appeal should be a priority. Think of it as the hook, drawing potential buyers in to see more of your house. With the exception of Chip and Joanna Gaines, buyers want a pretty house. We are here to help you make that first impression last with a few tips on how to boost your curb appeal!

Shutter Up!

These photos right here is a great example of what a difference adding shutters can make to your home! This listing at 239 W Russell in Barrington looks naked without them! If you have been going back and forth about if they are worth it or not, we highly recommend them! Shutters do wonders for the outside of your house.

Freshen Up

Is your façade looking tired or dirty? How about a fresh paint job? This is a great excuse to check out the current housing trends and see which colors buyers are drawn to the most. By changing the color, it could breathe new life into a home, and make it noticeable!

Paint the Front Door

If you don’t want to take on a paint job on the entire house, why not just freshen up the front door? There was actually a study done by Zillow earlier this year that showed homes with black front doors sell faster. Now if that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is!

Here is a lovely example of a black painted front door at 636 Lill Street in Barrington! The contrast against the yellow is just perfect.

Upgrade the Landscaping

Whether you replant your garden, or add some extra color, it’s up to you. It has actually been proving that gardening is a great way to calm your mind and connect with nature. Since selling a home can be a daunting process, what a better way to calm your mind and make your home look more beautiful!

Now we don’t expect you to go as over the top as these incredible gardens as 14 Longmeadow in Barrington Hills, but talk about curb appeal, right?!

Small but Noticeable Changes:

Sometimes, you don’t need a big change, but rather some small details that could add to your curb appeal. Here are a few of our ideas for some economical and easy updates:

  • Add a welcome mat to the front porch
  • Add potted plants around the door
  • Flowers around the mailbox, this is the first part of the house that is seen!
  • A front porch bench to make the space look warm and welcoming
  • Hang a seasonal wreath on the front door to add some color!

We hope these tips helped!

Are you currently looking to buy a house or sell your house? Contact John Morrison and the Morrison Home Team at 847.409.0927

Four Projects to Tackle Before Listing Your House

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When it comes to selling your home, sometimes you just don’t know where to start. At Morrison Home Team, we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed, this should be an exciting time! To help with that stress, we had compiled a list of 4 projects to start and finish before listing your house. By checking these off your list, you will not only diminish your stress, but also gain a competitive edge against other houses in the market.

Keep Up With The Small Things

Let’s face it, sometimes we get used to living in the same place for a while. This could lead tp us not noticing when something small needs to be fixed or updated. Before listing your house, we urge you to walk around and check up on projects that haven’t been a priority lately. Change light bulbs, fix your mailbox, paint the window panes, fix that one drawer in the kitchen that is a bit cockeyed, cover old nail holes and touch up the paint in the bedrooms. These little fixes go a long way!

We love how simple and elegant this bathroom is in one of our former rentals. If you have a tiled bathroom floor, make sure to check for any chips in the tile!

Spruce Up Your Floors

This is a bit of a bigger project, but one that could really help the sale of your house. When it comes to sprucing your floors, there are a couple of options:

  1. Clean your carpeting
  2. Freshen up your hardwood floor

Hiring a carpet cleaner, especially if you have pets or children, will go a long way with minimal effort. This will also ensure that the carpeting will look “fluffy” and the rooms will seem all around brighter! With regards to hardwood floors, consider restaining, if you feel the color is outdated, or refinishing them to give the room a bit of extra shine.

This contrasting dark floor is beautiful against the light walls and décor in another one of our former rentals!

Clean Out Your Closets

We are very sorry to tell you, but when your house is on the market, gone are the days of shoving things in a closet and calling the place clean. Closets are a huge selling point for homes and because of that, buyers like look inside to see how big they are. The best way for them to gauge the size is by cleaning out and reorganizing everything in the closet. Throw out or donate items that aren’t needed anymore and purchase storage containers to tidy up the space for everything else. This will do wonders!

Amp Up Your Curb Appeal

The outside of your home is the first thing that buyers will notice when they pull up, so give them that wow factor! We recommend trimming the bushes, weeding the yard, even planting a few flowers or adding some mulch if the yard really needs it. If it’s warm, make sure your grass is well watered and green. Something else that is a quick fix: repainting your front door. A study from Zillow earlier this year stated that homes with black front doors sell faster than other colors! Add a welcome mat and some potted plants, and you will successfully wow your buyers.

This luscious green entry is lovely at our listing on 417 N Cook Street! Take a closer look at the details next to the garage, we love that curb appeal!

Do you have more questions about projects to take on before listing your home, or just want to learn about the process? Contact your Morrison Home Team agent, or send us a message in the “Contact Us” tab of the website, we love hearing from you!

Staging Your Home to Sell

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At Morrison Home Team, we know selling your home can be a big undertaking. Especially when it comes to making it “show ready” at a moment’s notice, just like this sunroom is at 210 E Liberty Street. So how do all of those homes you see listed on the MLS always look so picture perfect? The secret: staging.

Staging is the practice of strategically arranging furniture and décor to help the house look it’s best during the selling process. This could be done simply by rearranging preexisting décor, hiring a professional stager to rent and arrange furnishings if the house is vacant or lacking items, or even by giving the house a complete refresh with new paint and other minor modifications to aid the sale.

Why stage? Well, according to a 2017 National Association of Realtors survey, 77% of buyers’ agents say that proper staging helps clients to better visualize the space as their own, which is the goal after all!

In order to make this process less daunting, we have compiled a few of our best tips to get your house ready to sell, and to sell quickly:

Tidy Up

This is definitely the most important step for anyone selling their home! In order for home buyers to best visualize the space as their own, it is best to tidy up the space. Box up knick-knacks and personal items that are cluttering space and neatly store them out of view. This will not only keep the focus on the home, but it will also tastefully show what the room can offer without looking too busy. When that is done, it’s time to deep clean. Dust, vacuum, shine, polish, and bleach whatever catches your eye that you think could have an impact on the sale of your home. Make sure not to use too many scented products, as this could trigger allergies or just general distaste for the smell. This is a great first step to making your home sell ready.

This gorgeous kitchen and eating area at 7 Kaleigh Court. is perfectly tidied! Nothing distracting on the tables or walls, and everything is beautifully cleaned!


Stage the Most Important Rooms First

If it comes down to not having the time or money to stage the entire home, simply working on a few rooms could really increase the value. The most “important” rooms to stage are usually considered the most used rooms in the home. These include the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. If these are the only rooms properly done, then it still gives your home a boost compared to other, unstaged homes. Other rooms such as kid’s bedrooms, bathrooms, and the basement, while they still should be organized and cleaned, they are not as vital to the selling of a home.

This family room at 636 Lill Street is a great example of staging important rooms first. This staging shows how to best use the space

“Float” your Furniture

A common decorating myth is the belief that all furniture should be situated along the walls of the room. This technique, though, generally makes the room look much smaller than it actually is. The idea of “floating” your furniture means creating spaces positioned around an area rug, a coffee table, or a fire place closer to the center of the room. This will not only make the room appear to be larger than it actually is, but also create more of an intimate feel that draws people to a room.

This living room space at 9 Hubbell Court is the perfect example of “floating furniture” around the area rug.

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Staging your home doesn’t just belong on the inside of the house! Curb appeal is an easy way to draw attention to your home from the moment that a possible buyer pulls into the driveway. Entice them with a trimmed lawn, crisp landscaping, lovely gardens, and even a welcome mat! If you are listing in the winter, show that your home can still be lovely in the snow by keeping the driveway and walkways cleared and hanging a winter wreath on the door. A little care goes a long way!

This home at 1626 Dublin Court in Inverness has such lovely curb appeal!

Don’t neglect the backyard, they certainly didn’t at Dublin Court

Now you are ready to start staging your home! If you are currently looking to sell and would like some more information on properly staging your space, get in touch with your Morrison Home Team agent to discuss opportunities available.

Are there any more questions you have about staging a home? Contact us by typing your question into the options on the side of this page (or on our Contact Us menu option) or simply reach us via email at or by phone at 847.409.0297.

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